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i write! again!

My buddies in Safe Boating is No Accident asked me to do concert recaps for them. As such, I crawled out of my hole and went to their show on Friday and subsequently gave birth to this.

Do yourself a favor and check out their music. They have a few vids posted on their blog and you can buy their album on their website. If you're local, make sure to hit one of their shows sometime soon.

i guest blog

we're trying, dammit!

i feel like i'm often willfully misunderstood...

more on the blog

safe in the sound, wherein i wax (poetically?) about our hospital experience.

fun times with the spoerings

realized i've posted all over the fucking internet but not here. k's in the hospital. she had appendicitis and had to have an appendectomy on saturday, where they found it had ruptured but was luckily localized. she came through the surgery well and has been doing pretty good overall and we expected to be sprung this morning only to have the doctor say he wanted her for another 24 hours. of course, today she develops another fever and so blood and urine cultures are being done. her fever has gone back down and is staying down (4+ hours now), but we're thinking they'll tack on at least another day, if not more.

it's getting hard to stay optimistic that she'll be out before halloween. we've been trading off staying with her overnight and neither a nor i are getting much sleep. his mom came over from gj (can you believe my parents managed to leave the MORNING this started?!) and has been helping, and m is doing his best to be a good kid and brother but this is wearing on everything.

keep your fingers crossed my girl is home soon, i'm getting pretty tired of my family not filling my house.

random hilarity from the spoering house

me: *shows belly* see? this isn't me. this is skin. this is because milo decided he needed a house that was bigger than my body... can i sing?

a: no.


30r drunk
was there a second of time i looked around?
she's a girl with glasses

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